David Gillio

Class of 1960
Major/Minor: Archaeology

I like to think that I have spent the last fifty years productively while mostly doing things that were interesting and enjoyable. I enlisted in the Navy after graduation and retired as Commander twenty two years later. Most of that time was occupied in various kinds of intelligence billets. During that same time I married and Mary and I produced three children who have grown up to be interesting and productive adults. I went to graduate school at the University of Colorado and eventually emerged with a PhD in archaeology  That got me employment with the US Forest Service where I stayed until retirement again just twelve years ago. All of that FS time was spent in the Southwest, a part of the country which I have come to love.

Linda, my wife, and I now have six kids to keep track of. Visits with them (and they can be in various countries from time to time) provide excuses for travel but we find lots of places to go to and manage to get out of the country just about every year. I keep busy with writing and editing connected to my Forest Service experiences.