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Peter Van Dyke

Dr. Van Dyke manages real estate and equity investment portfolios through his private company, Delta Management, Inc. 

He is a recently retired Managing Director of T. Rowe Price Associates, a Vice President of Rowe Price-Fleming International, and a Senior Portfolio Manager in the firm’s Taxable Bond Department. He was a portfolio manager of several separately managed fixed income and asset allocation portfolios.  He also served as President of the T. Rowe Price Spectrum Income Fund, Spectrum Growth Fund, Personal Strategy Fund Series, GNMA Fund, U.S. Treasury Long-Term Fund and Short-Term U.S. Government Fund.  Prior to joining T. Rowe Price in 1985, Peter was a Senior Engineer with The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

He earned a B.S. from the Webb Institute, an S.M. and Ph.D. (applied mathematics) from Harvard University, and an M.S. (management science) from The Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Van Dyke is on the advisory committee for the Alex Brown Investment program. He was an active member of the Washington College President’s Advisory Council and the Baltimore Regional Campaign Cabinet. He also serves on the Investment Committee for Webb Institute and Gilman School.

Peter and his wife, Judy, maintain homes in Baltimore and Chestertown.

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