Political Science

Christine Wade

Professor of Political Science and International Studies; Program Director, International Studies; Curator of Louis L. Goldstein ’35 Program in Public Affairs, Faculty Advisor for the Peace and Conflict Studies Concentration and Latin American Studies Concentration

Dr. Wade, who joined the faculty of Washington College in the fall of 2003, received her B.A. from Agnes Scott College in 1994, her M.A. from Georgia State University in 1996, and her Ph.D. from Boston University in 2003. 


Dr. Wade is a specialist in the international and comparative politics of Latin America, with a focus on Central America and the Caribbean. Much of her field research is conducted in El Salvador and Nicaragua, interviewing public officials, analysts and members of civil society. She has also served as an accredited election observer for various presidential, legislative and local elections in El Salvador. 

Dr. Wade is the author of Captured Peace: Elites and Peacebuilding in El Salvador (Ohio University Press, January 2016). She is the co-author and co-editor of Latin American Politics and Development (Westview Press, 2017). She is the co-author of Understanding Central America: Global Forces, Rebellion and Change (Westview Press, 2014) and Nicaragua: Living in the Shadow of the Eagle (Westview Press, 2011). Her co-authored book A Revolução Salvadorenha (The Salvadoran Revolution) is as part of the Revolutions of the Twentieth Century Collection at São Paulo: Fundação Editora Da UNESP (2006). She is also the author of several publications on the FMLN, peacebuilding and post-war politics in El Salvador, and Central America. Her commentaries regularly appear in World Politics Review, the Latin American News Network, the Latin American Advisor, and other publications. 


Dr. Wade received the 2012 Washington College Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching. She offers courses on Latin American Politics, U.S - Latin American Relations, Comparative Peace Processes, Theories of Peace and Conflict, Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements, Human Rights and Social Justice, and the Politics of Development. She is the advisor to the Latin American Concentration and Peace and Conflict Studies Concentration.