Tony Littlefield

Senior Associate Director, Director of Transfer Admission

Your efforts have led you to one of the oldest and finest liberal arts colleges in the country!

Why Washington College?

Recognized nationally as a selective liberal arts college, Washington College is founded on strong principals and strength of character. As a student, you will interact with people who have a high level of integrity and sincerity, allowing you to grow to your potential and succeed! Our students are active leaders and participants, and Washington College will provide you the opportunity to participate in any number of extracurricular activities, making for a unique (and fun) college experience!

Choosing a college is no easy task, so I am here to assist you throughout the admissions process. If you are a transfer or international student, I am also prepared to “go the extra mile” for you. I’m here to help you find information on our Academic Programs, Athletics, Internships, Scholarships and much more.

As a liberal arts graduate myself, I know the critical thinking skills I developed in college have helped me throughout my career, and I relish the ability to share my enthusiasm for the liberal arts with students like you. However, I am most proud of my special connection to “WC” through my wife Lauren, a 1991 graduate of the school. Upon obtaining a Ph.D. in 1997, her desire to work with top quality undergraduates in a hometown setting lured her back to her alma mater to teach Psychology. Since our arrival, I have come to appreciate the unique qualities of the college and its talented student body.