Eastern Shore Food Lab

Kailani Clarke ’20

Intern, Eastern Shore Food Lab


  • BA, Washington College, 2020

Kai is empowered by connection.

As an environmental studies major with minors in anthropology, creative writing, and Chesapeake regional studies, Kai finds life most fulfilling with her toes in the dirt and her face to the wind. She grew up traveling on a boat with her family through much of the U.S. east coast, Caribbean, and Central America, and was raised to understand and respect all life and her own connection to it. Therefore, she is acutely aware of how her species is endangering itself and its planet through lack of foresight, mindless consumerism, and a crippling dearth of empathy. She hopes to devote her life to human resilience, sustainability, and connection and protection of the natural world. As a ferociously curious person, she enjoys learning new things, exploring new ways of living with a light touch, and understanding the human experience in its mosaic of forms. She wishes she could speak to every human and visit every place to better appreciate the profound gift of being alive.

When she’s not so caught up in environmental existentialism, Kai enjoys reading, writing stories, hanging out with her family, raising hell with her friends, cuddling with her dogs, climbing trees, primitive technology, swimming, exploring, foraging, crafting, her job at Chestertown Natural Foods, finding new ways to make tofu not taste like soy farts, and observing the ever-entertaining behaviors of her shy but dramatic map turtle, Miles.