Eastern Shore Food Lab

Pam Holland ’17

Intern, Eastern Shore Food Lab


  • BA, Washington College, 2017
  • MA, Humboldt State University, Expected 2019

Pam is an avid hunter, environmental steward, and advocate for sustainable food production.

Equally fond of the outdoors and indoors, Pam has focused her research on food production, acquisition, and preservation with the intent to make healthy and nutrient dense foods available to any population. Growing up in Massachusetts as a homeschooled child allowed her to spend her time in her father’s garden and the forests bordering her home as much as possible, and nourished a love for nature that has driven her current research topics and personal hobbies. During her undergraduate studies at Washington College Pam produced a senior thesis on the time and material cost of reed boat construction by building a boat on the banks of the Chester River from locally-sourced cattails. As she works towards her graduate degree in applied anthropology through Humboldt State University she has begun looking at foodways around the world with an eye on environmental factors that affect traditional production, acquisition, and preservation methods.

Selected Publications

  • “Determining Time and Material Cost of Reed Boat Construction in the Mid-Atlantic” poster presentation at EAC10, 4/17.