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Beverly Hall Smith


Beverly Smith

Wednesdays, March 20 – April 17 (five weeks) 4:15 – 5:30 pm

Instead of following the usual format of discussing a period and its art, for this course we will look at works by famous artists which are done in series. For our purposes a series is more than three works by one artist, in one location, with one theme. For example, most of us are familiar with Michelangelo’s scene showing God creating Adam from the Sistine Ceiling, but how many of the 34 major and 72 other figures on the ceiling are you familiar with? Did you know they all link together as one exacting and very complex theme and that Michelangelo was the originator of that theme? This class is designed to look at and explore several series created by famous artists from the Renais- sance to the 20th century such as Durer’s “Apocalypse”; Hogarth’s “Marriage a la Mode”; Klimt’s “Beethoven Frieze”; Rivera’s “Detroit Industry”, Judy Chicago’s “Dinner Party” and others. The selected series highlight the artist’s talent but will also explore their intellectual creativity. They will include a variety of themes from religious to secular. I have already identified over 20 series with different and interesting themes. Obviously I will have to trim my list, but I will be happy to take suggestions under advisement.

BEVERLY HALL SMITH was a professor of art history for 40 years. Since moving to Chestertown four years ago, she has continued her teaching at both Washington College’s WC-ALL and Chesapeake College’s IAL programs. This will be her ninth art history class for WC-ALL. She has been and continues to be a practicing artist showing in juried exhibitions at River Arts in Chestertown, accepting private commissions and now painting sets at the Garfield Theatre.