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Bob Moores\




Thursdays, January 31 – March 7 (six weeks) 4:15 – 5:15 pm Lecture/Discussion

This course is about the architectural achievements of the Egyptian pyramid builders and how those deeds may have been accomplished. The builders were inventive, motivated, daring, and superbly organized. They made mistakes – the price of innovation. Still, they persevered, and created some of the most impressive monuments in history. Many of their building techniques we cannot explain today. The “big mystery” of how the stones were raised is one of these. Many of Bob’s line drawings and photos from decades of pyramid study will be shown publicly for the first time.

BOB MOORES is a mechanical engineer (Johns Hopkins University) retired from designing power tools for Black & Decker/DeWalt for 36 years. He was granted 38 U.S. patents. For the past 45 years his hobby has been studying construction of the Egyptian pyramids. In 1987 he was a member of the National Geographic team that revealed the second of Pharaoh Khufu’s two solar boats entombed in a rock-cut pit on the south side of the Great Pyramid.