Academy of Lifelong Learning


Math, Science & Technology/Plant Science
Joe Maloney


Tuesdays, January 29 – February 26 (five weeks) 4:15 – 5:15 pm
Moderated Discussion
In this class, I’d like to share my experience and knowledge, presenting a unique perspective of GMOs and new technologies in agriculture. GMOs have been a hot topic for some time now. Please join me in “mythbusting” misconceptions, separated fact from fiction about this technology, and dispel- ling misplaced fears. My ultimate goal isn’t necessarily to convert you to my perspective, but rather to give you some understanding of GMOs and enable you to get past the marketing hype to make informed decisions as consumers. We’ll review the development of crops, taking an historical look at genetic selection/modification of cultivated crops. I’ll give an overview of modern breeding techniques, demonstrating the differences and similarities of tradi- tional breeding and those used to develop GMOs. We’ll look at the impact of GMOs on producers and consumers in a world with an ever-growing popula- tion and finite resources for producing food. Finally, we’ll look at marketing techniques and try to identify what is useful purchasing information and what is simply marketing hyperbole.
JOE MALONEY grew up on a dairy farm in Kent County, MD, and received a BS in Agronomy from the University of Delaware. After gradua- tion, Joe worked on grain farms, and eventually managed a 1,100-acre farm in Cecil County, where he grew grain crops, raised broilers, and had a cow-calf operation. Recently he has retired from a 28-year career at Monsanto, the first 20 years of which were spent in corn breeding and the last eight years as an agronomist.