Academy of Lifelong Learning



Social Science

Warren Beaven

Tuesdays, January 29 – March 5 (six weeks) 4:15 – 5:30 pm



Based on Tim Marshall’s award-winning book with the following subtitle – Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics – this course will explore the principles of geo-politics, past, present and future. We will look carefully at seven or more areas of the world including China, Russia, the United States, Western Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Korean Peninsula, identifying the most likely courses of world history in the 21st century. Participants are encouraged to bring their own perspec- tives based on travel and career experiences. All members of the class are strongly encouraged to purchase and read the appropriate chapters of Mr. Marshall’s book Prisoners of Geography (ISBN 978-1-78396-243-3, about $12 on Amazon in paperback).

WARREN BEAVEN graduated from the School of Government and Public Administration at American University in Washington DC. He has continued to look at world events not from an ideological point of view, but from a geopolitical one. The principles learned 50 years ago in the School of International Service seem to have held true. Discussion and observation will be the focus of this course.