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Eastern Shore Food Lab

Emily Castle ’18

Permaculture Intern, Eastern Shore Food Lab

Environmental Studies Major with Concentration in Chesapeake Regional Studies/English Minor

Campus Involvement
  • Student Environmental Alliance, Vice President
  • Co-Chair of Food Waste Reduction Committee 
  • Cater Society Junior Fellow 
  • Campus Garden Intern (Fall 2016-Spring 2018)
  • Permaculture Intern, Spring 2018

About the Campus Garden Internship

The Campus Garden internship has been a valuable opportunity for an environmental studies student like myself, who aspires to discover how to become a full-fledged participant in nature through the act of cultivation. I, in collaboration with many others, have been able to apply the ecological design principles of permaculture and cultivate an outdoor learning space that functions for both humans and wildlife in the school and larger biotic community. Every day, I continue to enrich my understanding of ecology and sustainable management strategies, while expanding my knowledge of edible, medicinal and native plants present in our local environment. Conserving wildness and stewarding the land via gardening can be a radical and imaginative intersection in the environmental discipline and this CES internship has given me an opportunity to explore.