Antonio Golubski

Lab Instructor

BS University of Miami 1998

PhD University of Illinois at Chicago 2006


I’m a theoretical ecologist. I use various types of mathematical and computer simulation models to ask questions like: “When should trait X be advantageous to an organism?” or “How should phenomenon X affect the properties of an ecological community?”

My interests include ecological networks, behaviorally-mediated interactions, mutualism/cooperation, evolutionary game theory, plant competition and plant-soil feedbacks.

Select Publications

Golubski AJ, Westlund EE, Vandermeer J, & Pascual M. 2016. Ecological networks over the edge: hypergraph trait-mediated indirect interaction (TMII) structure. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 31:344-354. (link)

Golubski AJ, O’Connell NS, Schwartz JA, & Ellermeyer SF. 2014. A ‘crying wolf’ game of interspecific kleptoparasitic mutualism. Biology Letters 10:20140073. (link)

Golubski AJ & Abrams PA. 2011. Modifying modifiers: what happens when interspecific interactions interact? Journal of Animal Ecology 80:1097-1108. (link)

Golubski AJ & Klausmeier CA. 2010. Control in mutualisms: combined implications of partner choice and bargaining roles. Journal of Theoretical Biology 267:535-545. (link)

Golubski AJ, Gross KL, & Mittelbach GG. 2008. Competition among plant species that interact with their environment at different spatial scales. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 275:1897-1906.(link)

See profiles here and here for additional publications. 

See this link for the description of an NSF-funded project on plant competition & plant-soil feedbacks that I’m currently working on with collaborators at Wichita State University, University of Kansas, and the Estonian University of Life Sciences. 


Ecology Lab (BIO 206)