Swati Agrawal

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology


BIO205 Cell Biology w/lab

The lecture part of this course focuses on the basic unit of structure and function in life, the cell. The course uses concepts of molecular biology to survey aspects of cellular function, such as metabolism, intercellular communication and cell division. The labs are inquiry based where students generate their research question and design their own research projects. In the lab basic techniques in cell and molecular biology are taught through exploration of CRISPR-cas9 technology to disrupt genes in mammalian tissue culture cells followed by phenotypic analysis of the transgenic cell lines.


BIO100 Introductory biology for non majors w/lab (The fabulous life of germs)

Intended for non-science majors. Four hours of lecture and one two-hour laboratory every two weeks. Basic principles of biology are taught by presenting the biology of pathogen, diversity and sources of disease-causing microbes.


Spring 2019 


BIO205 Cell Biology w/lab


BIO209 – Genetics w/lab

The course focuses on principles and concepts of genetics in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Specific objectives of this course are to provide an understanding and discuss ramifications of: 1) Inheritance, 2) Gene Structure, 3) Gene Function, 4) Gene Mutation, 5 Modern gene manipulation technology and 6) Ethical issues related to genetic research and its applications.  The course emphasizes learning based on inquiry based research questions, techniques, and applications. Four hours of lecture and one three hour laboratory per week.