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Eric Botti

Class of 2022
Major/Minor: Math / Public Health


Why did you choose to attend WC?

  • I was looking for a small liberal arts school with lots of opportunities for achievement in academics and beyond. Two things that made WC special for me it’s location and the GIS lab. I love the outdoors so Kent County’s nearby nature and WC’s gorgeous waterfront were big attractors. Especially getting to see the beautiful sunrise on the Chester every morning when rowing. The GIS lab is something so unique to WC and gives college students an incredibly valuable opportunity that employers are looking for. I remember working for a local conservation agency over the summer after highschool, and all of the college interns were talking about how necessary GIS experience is in the environmental science field.

What’s your favorite Chestertown hangout?

  • Whenever it is nice out I love to go on a walk down to the waterfront with my friends. It is nice to just talk and enjoy looking at the water for a bit. My favorite are all the ducks that hangout there too. Some tips?While you’re down there, bring a frisbee and toss it around in Wilmer park, just don’t throw it in the river! Or stop by the boathouse and take out a kayak or paddle board for free.

Why did you choose your major?

  • Whenever I tell people I am a math major, I’m usually met with stares of disbelief and the occasional “Why do you hate yourself?” question. I don’t. And please try getting some new jokes it’s getting old. So why math? Well there is something brilliant about find the simple solutions or explanations for complex occurrences, which is something so prevalent in math. My dream job is an epidemiologist, a scientist that uses a lot of math to analyze disease and injury in populations, in order to determine the cause and figure out a public health solution.
Campus Involvement
  • Men’s Rowing Team
  • Peer Mentor
  • SGA - Treasurer Class of 2022
  • Office of Sustainability - Better Buildings Intern
  • Habitat for Humanity

Hometown: Collegeville, PA

Attended Perkiomen Valley High School