Your First Year

Elizabeth Cassibry

Class of 2020
Major/Minor: History/German studies with a concentration in European studies/ Minor in computer science.

Campus Involvement

I am the Vice President of Academic Development for Alpha Omicron Pi

Vice President of Club Volleyball

I am an intern at the Starr Center and GIS.

Hometown/high school
Key West, Florida, but my dad is active duty military so where I live is constantly changing! 
Why did I choose Washington College?
Personally, I decided to attend WAC because of Chestertown’s rich history and because its close to D.C., Annapolis, and Philly. 
Favorite hobby and why?
When I am not running around like crazy, I usually like to go paddle boarding, read, or go to the gym! 
Favorite Class/ Professor?
If you’re interested in modern languages, I highly recommend taking German because Professor Grewling is one of my favorite people on campus!