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Geographic Information Systems

Julia Campbell

Class of 2020

Julia Campbell is a sophomore from Queens, New York, where she attended Academy for Careers om Television and Film. There she studied cinematography and had a year long internship with Next Step Picture, partnering with Silvercup Studios. She was also on the Varsity Volleyball Team in high school. At home, Julia is a life guard, as well as and swim instructor for many different age groups. Julia’s first known language is Polish, though she primarily uses English now. Currently, Julia is an Environmental Studies major with a double minor in Public Health and Sociology. She is hoping to have a job with in the field of environmental policy and advocacy. At Washington College, Julia is a member of a few different clubs/organizations such as Student Environmental Alliance, Habitat for Humanity, and Women’s Club Volleyball. She is also Resident Assistant on campus.

Environmental Studies/Public Health and Sociology