Katie Heinold

High School / Hometown

Middletown High School

Middletown, Delaware


Class Year / Major

Class of 2019

Major: Political Science


Campus Involvement

Alpha Chi Omega



What’s your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the terrace outside of the library. On a nice day, I love to sit outside with my friends, work together on homework, and chat. The terrace is a very relaxing place to sit and work on homework on a warm and sunny day!

What’s your #1 college survival tip?

My #1 college survival tip is to avoid procrastinating assignments as much as possible. Your life will be a million times easier if you set aside time to work on your assignments ahead of time!

What’s the best thing about living in Chestertown, MD?

The best thing about living in Chestertown, MD is that I am immersed in a beautiful and historical small town that is very intertwined with Washington College. Chestertown hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year, including the Harry Potter Festival and the Jazz Festival, that provide students with a lot of fun opportunities to interact with the community.