Career Development

Web Content Specialist | Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay seeks a Web Content Specialist for the Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) Communications Office in Annapolis, Maryland. This position is an integral part of the overall CBP Communications Office team, central to our successful online communications efforts and responsible for the creation, maintenance and marketing of consistent high quality web content for the CBP website ( Deadline to apply is September 29, 2017.

Responsibilities include:
• Planning, writing, editing and developing engaging written and visual content for the CBP website.
• Working with subject matter experts and Bay Program partners to create and maintain user-friendly web content that supports the work of the CBP partnership.
• Collaborating effectively with the Multimedia Specialist and Communications Staffer to build content, including blog posts, photos and videos.
• Development of a content strategy for the CBP website.
• Upholding content quality standards and maintaining consistent writing style and voice across the site.
• Design of fact sheets, brochures and publications.
• Promoting web content through social media, a suite of e-newsletters and networking both online and in person.
• Staying current with trends and best practices for social media and web content.
• Acting as a liaison between the CBP Communications Office and Web Team.
• Using analytics and user data to improve web content, market online products effectively and report trends to the wider Communications and Web Teams.
• Managing editorial calendars to schedule and organize timely and relevant annual web content.
• Responding to public questions and information requests via email, social media, FAQs and blog comments.
• Assisting with other communications projects, as necessary.


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