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Mike Roberts


Mondays, September 18 – October 16 (five weeks) Please note late start date.

4:15 – 5:30 pm



Military campaigns and battles are won or lost by soldiers, sailors and aviators risking their lives in combat. But knowledge of the enemy’s plans and movements – intelligence – can indicate how to plan campaigns and battles, and determine whether they are won or lost. This course will cover the subject of military intelligence and its role in and importance to military operations and planning. The principal concentration will be on World War II. Topics will include intelligence gathering (recruiting, training and handling of spies and spy rings, communications intelligence including codebreaking, aerial photography); intelligence analysis; counterintelligence (preventing the enemy from gathering intelligence) and deception operations.


MICHAEL J. ROBERTS holds a BA in history from Duke University and a JD from the American University, where he was Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review. He was an officer in the US Navy, with extensive sea duty in the Mediterranean, plus service with the Naval Security Group. For over 30 years he practiced law in Washington DC, specializing in aviation and international law. He has taught several courses in both WC-ALL and in Salisbury University’s ALL program.