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Social Science

Wednesdays, October 25 – November 15 (four weeks)

* No classes the week of Thanksgiving. 

4:15 – 5:30 pm



The course features three American men from the last three centuries who were known for their contributions to the country, but also were widely vilified for their less attractive attributes: Benedict Arnold, perhaps the most brilliant general of the American Revolution, but also traitor to his country; Huey Long, fiery demagogue who brought long-needed services to the poor farmers of Louisiana using the tactics of dictatorship; and Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly the Atlantic alone, who went on to mount a fierce America-first campaign before World War II. It will conclude with an account of the Scopes Trial over the legality of teaching evolution in schools featuring as opposing lawyers, William Jennings Bryan who ran for president four times, arguing the Biblical case against evolution and Clarence Darrow, the controversial defense lawyer arguing for the supremacy of science.

LUCIA RATHER worked for thirty years at the Library of Congress, retiring as Director for Cataloging. She squeezed in a doctorate in American history at the George Washington University. Since moving to the Eastern Shore, she has taught a number of WC-ALL courses. This course, following earlier courses on Outrageous Ladies, gives the men their due.