Faith, Love, and Mercy: Homilies for Catholic Life

Peter Weigel (Philosophy and Religion, Humanities)

Wipf & Stock (2015)


Faith, Love, and Mercy is a selection from the weekly homilies of noted moral theologian and pastor Fr. Richard Roach SJ, who retired from university teaching to lead a small island parish in his last decade. His theologically rigorous yet accessible writing reflects decades-long contemplation on the significance of Catholic identity in our modern era. Combining deep-rooted wisdom with vigorous prose, the homilies prompt the reader’s own reflection on what it is to live the faith daily in a distracting and uncomprehending world. Prominent themes include God’s merciful love, differences between Catholicism and Protestantism, spiritual temptations in the contemporary culture, the sources of authority, faith and reason, the Real Presence, secular ideologies and anti-Catholicism, humility, redemptive suffering, the true meaning of repentance, perseverance, and providence. Over a long ministry devoted to the Jesuit ideal, Fr. Roach strengthened or awakened the faith of many. It is also hoped that this book-combining theological vision with pastoral concern–occasions serious meditation on one’s own journey with God. Recommended as a helpful source for students, scholars, clergy, and laypersons interested in Catholic doctrine, homiletics, and liturgy.