Substance Abuse and Aftercare

Christopher Beasley (Psychology)

Novinka (2016)

Drug and alcohol addiction are critical social problems in the United States. Drug and alcohol abuse are powerful facilitators of health and economic disparities, making recovery and re-entry into the community difficult. Alcohol and drug abuse/addiction are among the costliest of health problems, totaling approximately $428 billion annually. A range of services have been developed to address the problem of substance dependence, including inpatient services, outpatient services, and recovery housing. However, only about 11% of those with substance addictions reach any type of substance abuse treatment, and those that are treated evidence high rates of relapse. Thus, it is critical to understand the mechanisms by which individuals are successful, and sustain abstinence after receiving treatment and aftercare.

This book provides a collection of research that explores alternative models, aftercare programs, employment services, trauma issues that effect recovery, gender-specific, and culturally modified treatment and aftercare programs. Each chapter is an individual study that addresses key unanswered questions in substance abuse and recovery research. Furthermore, the editors and authors identify potentially important, understudied topics for further research and formulate public policy recommendations. This is a must read for addiction researchers, academics, students, and individuals interested in learning about the dangers of substance abuse.