The Ethnomusicologists’ Cookbook, Volume II: Complete Meals from Around the World

Jon McCollum (Music & Ethnomusicology)

Routledge; 2nd Revised ed. edition (2015)


“With Volume II of the Ethnomusicologists’ Cookbook, Sean Williams and colleagues have created an astonishing global cookbook. It’s more than a cookbook. The contributing scholars’ deep roots in 26 cultures/countries whose sounds and tastes they love are evident in descriptions of cooking processes, stories of the ways music and food come together in daily life and, of course, suggested music for your dining pleasure. Yum!” - Dr. Beverley Diamond (President, Society for Ethnomusicology)


“Once again, my two favorite things–food and music–have come together in an abundance of delicious recipes and listening opportunities. This second volume of The Ethnomusicologist’s Cookbook, like the rewarding second movement of a great musical work, spins the various ingredients into a hearty and soul-satisfying mix.” - Ellen Koskoff (Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of Rochester)