Academy of Lifelong Learning


Dick Lance


Thursdays, February 2 – February 23 (four weeks)

4:15 – 5:30 pm



Part 1 of this course will focus on iOS – the Operating System in the iPhone and iPad. Starting with the basics – identifying the parts of the devices and the functions of various buttons and switches – the course will move progressively to more advanced features of the devices and the OS, including gestures, navigating the i-device, App management, settings, email setup, knowing the home screen, multitasking and using advanced apps, such as Pages and Keynote. Attendees should have either an iPhone or an iPad – or both – and will be expected to participate actively in performing the various operations discussed.


DICK LANCE, an Apple computer user for more than 25 years, is Professor Emeritus of Engineering, Cornell University. He has taught a wide variety of courses for WC-ALL since becoming associated with it in 2002, including computer and photography courses. He is an active member of the Council and has helped develop and maintain the Academy web site.