Academy of Lifelong Learning


Bob Miller


Wednesdays, February 1 – February 22 (four weeks)

4:15 – 5:45 pm



This continuing education course is designed to introduce students to best practices in travel photography. It will include sessions on getting ready to go, compositional techniques, and tips on everything from shooting landscapes and festivals to architecture and people. Students will also be encouraged to share photos and travel stories from places they have been. This class is appropriate for any level photographer with any kind of camera (no cell phone cameras or tablets, please!). Students should be familiar with the basic operations of their camera, and should bring their cameras and manuals to class.


BOB MILLER is a retired science teacher with a 35 plus-year passion for photography. He does all kinds, but has recently specialized in nature photography. He has taken his camera all over the world, including Africa, Iceland, the Arctic, Australia, Europe, Brazil, and the United States. He has won many awards and was recently named Digital Photographer of the Year by the Arundel Camera Club. His photographs have been published in Galapagos calendars, Save the Bay, Backyard Gardens, and most recently in the fine art photography magazine B&W. Bob enjoys teaching and loves to share his passion for photography with others.