Global Education Office

Sibel Ahi

Assistant Director of the Global Education Office

Sibel Ahi’s career and personal journey both reflect her strong interest in global higher education. Sibel has been serving higher education students and scholars since 1999, and for the past eight years she has recruited and advised international students in the United States.

Born in Ankara, Turkey, Sibel moved to the USA after completing her Bachelor’s degree at Bilkent University. She designed, implemented and marketed new international student programs and services for ASA College and CPLC Education Centers in New York and New Jersey. Sibel received her MBA in 2008 from Dowling College and Ph.D in Educational Leadership from Alvernia University last year.  In addition to her graduate assistant work and studies at Alvernia, Sibel advised international higher education students about cultural issues and opportunities, and their educational and career plans. She would like to spend rest of her career helping higher education institutions improve their operations and produce best practices in campus internationalization. 


She can be reached at 410-778-7762 during Office hours