Academy of Lifelong Learning

Life Beneath the Waves - True Tales of the Submarine Service - Session 2

George “Doc” Smith


Thursdays, October 27 – December 8 (six weeks)

4:15 – 5:30 pm


* No classes the week of Thanksgiving.


True tales of the danger, humor, and stresses of living with a hundred very close colleagues on board a boat designed to sink and built by the lowest bidder. Every aspect of life submerged is extremely different: the food, the men, medical practice, and high or low humor about trash and the septic system. Find out the saga of the Sears trash compactor, learn about “bug Juice, green eggs” and “relative bearing grease” and much, much more, from a man who was there! Hear about the drama, tension and white knuckles of an actual War Patrol against Soviet submarines. Be sure not to miss The Case of the Nuclear Lobster and Radiation Chicken. Join us!