Academy of Lifelong Learning

All About Apple - Part 2 - Session 2

Dick Lance


Thursdays, October 27 – November 17 (four weeks)

4:15 – 5:30 pm

Moderated Discussion


In Part 2, I will focus on OS X, the Operating System in Apple computers: iMacs and MacBooks. To begin, we’ll look at the basics: Dock, Launcher, Finder, Spotlight, Window controls, Gestures, Safari, Mail, Messages, the App Store, and iCloud. I plan to move then to more advanced uses such as word processing using Pages, presentation building with Keynote, photo editing with Preview and Photos, slideshows with Photos, and specialized ‘surfing’ with Safari and Firefox. Attendees should have a laptop - MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, for example - and will be expected to participate actively in performing the various operations discussed. iMac users can benefit by attending with a laptop user and ‘looking over their shoulder’ (and taking good notes).