Academy of Lifelong Learning

Who? They did what? - Session 2

Bentley Orrick


Tuesdays, October 25 – December 6 (six weeks)

4:15 – 5:30 pm 


* No classes the week of Thanksgiving.


Collecting noteworthy people who are little known or noted today can be an interesting way of learning snippets of history, and this course will present a dozen or so fascinating people who went against the grain to invent, discover, and change their societies, often for the better. Some of them accomplished feats in war. Others happened upon discoveries and knew the importance of what they had found. Many were rebels against the common knowledge or the society of their times.

Those the six-week course will try to pluck from obscurity form a varied crew: Women and men, young and old, white and black, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, saints and sinners. Their centuries span the 17th through the 20th, and their homelands, while concentrated in Great Britain and North America, span most of Europe and include Africa; Maryland is not slighted. There are soldiers and explorers, inventors and lawyers, mathematicians and naturalists, linguists and engineers, fighters against segregation and a multi-talented Confederate cabinet officer.