Academy of Lifelong Learning

Introduction to Latin American Film: Argentina, Chile & Brazil - Session 2

George Shivers


Sundays, October 23 – December 4 (six weeks)

*No classes the week of Thanksgiving.

2:00-5:15 pm Sundays

Lecture/Film/Moderated Discussion


This class will focus primarily on cultural reflections in the content of the films being studied, although some of the technical aspects of cinematography will be considered when necessary to better understand the historical and cultural aspects of the films. The focus on three countries, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, does not reflect that they are the primary source of excellent films, although directors from each of them have produced some outstanding movies. I confess that the choice was somewhat arbitrary; however, a number of my favorite films were made in these three countries. We can also find some common themes and approaches in the films we will be looking at. Session 1 – I, The Worst of All (Argentina, 1990, directed by Maria Luisa Bemberg); Session 2 – A Place in the World (Argentina, 1992, directed by Adolfo Aristarian); Session 3 – Bye Bye Brazil (Brazil, 1979, directed by Carlos Diegues); Session 4 – The Motorcycle Diaries (Brazil, 2004, directed by Walter Salles); Session 5 – No (Chile, 2012, directed by Pablo Larrain); Session 6 – course wrap-up.