Academy of Lifelong Learning

The Magic of Opera: Turandot - Session 1

Judie Oberholtzer


Fridays, September 16 – September 30; October 7 (four weeks – PLEASE NOTE DATES)

*Trip to opera matinee on Sunday, October 2

4:15 – 5:30 pm



Puccini’s last opera is set in ancient China where the beautiful Princess Turandot reigns with an ice-cold heart. To her wooers she has issued a decree: he who can answer her riddles will win her hand - he who cannot will face beheading at the following moonrise. When a mysterious prince passes her test, will she open her heart to love? Puccini’s masterpiece features gorgeous melodies, among them “Nessun dorma” (the iconic tenor aria); lavish spectacle and stunning sets, costumes and choreography. Three on-campus class sessions prepare us for a Sunday, October 2 matinee performance by the Philadelphia Opera at the Academy of Music, followed by a wrap-up class session on campus, Friday, October 7. Join us for another exciting excursion into the magic of opera! **PLEASE NOTE: This class is open to all who are interested, however, there is an extra charge for the opera ticket and the bus ride to the performance on Oct. 2. Sign-up early, as only 40 seats are available for the trip! Once you have agreed to purchase a ticket, the cost of the bus and opera are non-refundable.**