Academy of Lifelong Learning

Astrophysics of Stars:Bright, Shining Interludes in Lives of Gas Clouds - Session 1

Satinder Sidhu


Tuesdays, September 6 – October 11 (six weeks)

4:15 – 5:30 pm



In view of the fact that the subject matter of this field is forever unreachable, we will explore which stellar properties we can measure, and how. Since light is our only means of learning anything about stars, essential properties of light and its interaction with matter will be touched on. We will then examine how immense clouds of gas in galaxies collapse to form stars, and how these newborns grow, evolve, mature, and live their lives. How the normal phase of a star’s life determines its end will be considered. Evidence for the fascinating objects that dying stars leave behind will be presented. Discussion will be supported by simple demonstrations and visual materials. Necessary quantitative details will be illustrated by simple reasoning. Simple readings may be provided occasionally.