Alexis Young

Class of 2020
Major/Minor: History/ Justice, Law, and Society (pre law track)

Hometown: Millstone Township, NJ 


Why did you choose Washington College?

 I chose WAC because from the minute I stepped on campus, I felt like I could see myself spending the next four years of my life here. It felt normal walking down the cater walk or grabbing a meal in the dining hall and from that point forward, I knew WAC was the only place I wanted to be.


What is your favorite thing about Chestertown?

 I love all the little shops Chestertown has and how welcoming everyone in the town is. As soon as you step into a store someone will greet you and make you feel like you’ve been living in the town for years. I also love grabbing a coffee from Evergrain and walking down by the water whenever its nice out!


Who is your favorite professor?

 My favorite professor by far is Dr. Miller, a history professor who teaches a variety of history courses each semester. I love his lecture style and his sense of humor; he makes each class fun and exciting and he makes an hour and fifteen minute lecture period fly by.

Campus Involvement

Peer Mentor

President of the Psychology Club

Ritual Chairman of Zeta Tau Alpha