Caitlyn Creasy

Class of 2020
Major/Minor: Business Management and Communcations / Dance

Hometown : Greensboro, MD

Campus Involvement
  • Vice President - SGA
  • President - Habitat for Humanity
  • Peer Mentor Leader
  • Vice President of Finance - Alpha Chi Omega
  • Sho’Troupe Member 
  • Dance Club Member

Q & A :

Recommended class and professor? - Intro to CMS with Prof. Grosse! 

What is your favorite Chestertown hangout? - Wilmer Park Pavilion

Why did you choose your major? - I always saw myself in the business world. Growing up, I always wanted to be a CEO and run a huge company but now I’m more focused on non-profits and fundraising. CMS never really hit me until last year, and I’m so glad it did. Working with Dr. Kozma and Professor Grosse has opened me up to a new world of possibilities. 

What do you do for a campus job or work study? - My work study is officially in the Alumni House as a student worker, but I also work as the Vice President of the SGA!