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Carimanda Baynard

Strategic Communication and Evaluation Program Manager for the Federal Government
Class of 2008, Sociology

The sociology program at WAC presents a unique opportunity to enhance your critical and strategic thinking skills and fully utilize your creativity.

How has your liberal arts education influenced you? How do you apply your LAE in your current career?

As a sociology major, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and passion for helping others to further understand cultural awareness during national incidents and emergencies. In my Sophomore year of college, the same year as Hurricane Katrina, my passion for sociology and cultural awareness only expanded. During my time at WAC, I was awarded two fellowships through the CV Starr Center. Through the CV Starr Center I developed two research presentations on the following: 1) Examining the media coverage of missing women 2) Defacto segregation in the New Orleans Educational System. In addition, my senior thesis examined The Ongoing Crisis: Defacto Segregation in the New Orleans Educational System. The sociology program at WAC presents a unique opportunity to enhance your critical and strategic thinking skills and fully utilize your creativity. These research opportunities only enhanced my passion for strategic thinking, organization assessment, and research methodology.

During my time in graduate school at American University, I expanded upon my undergraduate research and completed a master’s thesis examining the media’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina in national print publications. My study concluded race, socioeconomic status, and other social demographics factors impacted the media’s coverage and depiction of the impacted Gulf Coast population

Did your Senior Capstone Experience (or thesis project) have a major influence on your future career or your personal growth? If so, please explain what your SCE entailed and how it influenced who or where you are today.

My thesis entitled:“The Ongoing Crisis: DeFacto Segregation in the New Orleans Educational System.” With my passion for emergency management, crisis communication, and cultural awareness, researching Hurricane Katrina served as a multidimensional platform to examine economic & social disparities. My Senior Capstone Experience played a vital role in my graduate school experiences and career path. I am continually grateful to Washington College and the Sociology Department for the platform.

It is your graduation day. What advice would you now give your younger self? 

“Nothing Stays the Same”
• As expected there is some angst leaving college and embarking on the “adult world.” However, being a student at Washington College definitely prepared me for the real world. While the care free nature of college changes after graduation, life only gets better. Enjoy your four years and realize everything will fall into place.

Campus Involvement
  • Nu Delta Alpha/Dance Honor Society
  • President and Vice President of the Sociology Club
  • Recipient of the Sociology Service Award
  • Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (post college)
Graduate School:

MA, American University, Public Sociology & MS, National Intelligence University, Strategic Intelligence