Theatre & Dance

Cole Capobianco

Class of 2016
Major/Minor: Theatre and English Majors, Gender Studies Minor

Campus Involvement
Cole is the Theatre and Dance Department Costume Shop Manager. Contact her at Her hours are MWF 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM and by appointment

Campus Involvement:

Theatre and Dance Deparment


What does WAC mean to you?
WAC has given me a family and a place to make art, and that means the world.
Why did you choose your major?
I’m a storyteller, so double-majoring in Theatre and English scratches that itch for me.
What do you do for a campus job?
I manage the WAC Dept. of Theatre & Dance Costume Shop, and I love it! Sometimes I teach a Sewing Series - it’s a good time! 
A professor/ class at WAC that has impacted you and why:
Taking Intro to Design and Advanced Design: Costumes with Professor Eckelman were big for me, personally and professionally.
Favorite Chestertown hangout:
Evergrain! Definitely Evergrain.
Favorite thing to order at the Cove:
I’ve never been disappointed by the burritos at Martha’s.
Favorite Quote:
“If I am worth anything later, I am worth something now. For wheat is wheat, even if people think it is grass in the beginning.” - Vincent van Gogh
Favorite way to procrastinate:
Getting a coffee at Java George / Sophie’s Cafe is my go-to procrastinating activity.
When they make the movie of your life, which actor will play you in the film?
Hopefully, me.