Academy of Lifelong Learning

Navies Through the Ages - Session 2

Hanson Robbins

Fridays, April 1 – April 29 (five weeks)
(No class on Good Friday, March 25)
4:15 – 5:15 pm
This course highlights navies, starting in ancient times and concluding with the present day. Emphasis will be on how navies adapted to technological changes and the sources of those changes. In addition, an assessment of the relative importance of operational skills, intelligence, and national economic power that produced victories in Naval combat will be examined. Session 1: Ancient Egyptian, Grecian, Roman navies; ship designs, battle tactics, etc.; Vikings in Europe; invention of the cannon. Session 2: Age of ocean sail; Chinese- Arab trading; world exploration; navigation, ship design; navies to protect European colonization. Session 3: Navies changed by the industrial revolution; Ironclads; development of the dreadnought, U-boat, aircraft; significant battles 1900s through WWI. Session 4: Developments in 1920s 1930s and conflicts of WWII; Battle of Atlantic; Leyte Gulf; Japanese invasion preparations. Session 5: Technical changes since WWII: jet planes, rockets, satellites, GPS, nuclear ships, ICBMs; laser gunnery; computers, drones; anti-submarine warfare technics; the five largest navies today.