Academy of Lifelong Learning

Rediscovering the Maya - A Pictorial Odyssey - Session 2

Dan Premo

Fridays, April 1 – May 6 (six weeks)
(No class on Good Friday, March 25)
4:15 – 5:30 pm
*This course is limited to 50 participants.
The Maya are the best known of the classical civilizations of Mesoamerica. Their knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, and the measurement of time was quite remarkable. Their system of hieroglyphic writing was the most advanced of any pre-Columbian culture. Maya art and architecture were equally impressive. This course will focus on the restoration of four major Maya ruins, using as a point of departure the 19th century descriptions by the American John Lloyd Stephens and the drawings of his English companion Frederick Catherwood. In an effort to capture the grandeur of this extraordinary civilization, we will also make use of photographs from the 19th Century to the present, as well as paintings and reproductions by various artists. Session One: The Maya, an Overview. Session Two: Stephens and Catherwood; the First Expedition, 1839-1840. Session Three: The Ruins at Copan. Session Four: The Ruins at Palenque. Session Five: The Ruins at Uxmal. Session Six: The Ruins at Chichen Itza.