Academy of Lifelong Learning

Ethics in Business - Session 1

Richard Lohkamp

Thursdays, February 11 – March 3* (four weeks)
(Please note late start date)
4:15 – 5:30 pm
This course will explore ethical issues that arise for four groups of Stakeholders: 1. Owners/Stockholders/Boards, 2. Employees, 3. Customers, and 4. Suppliers/Communities. I will present a case study in each session and use it to explore certain questions posed in each class. Participants will be invited to explore and discuss these cases in groups. Each group will be asked to present its responses to the questions. Beyond getting a feel for some ethical issues that any business must deal with, this course will seek to explore the different positions and answers that the case studies raise among the groups. A question I will continually pose is:If your group’s responses to the questions are implemented, what will be the consequences for the enterprise and for the stakeholders? It is likely that we will find that there are no cut-and-dried answers to the questions, and that makes the course interesting and thought-provoking.