Academy of Lifelong Learning

Seasons of the Watermen - Session 1

Marc Castelli

Thursdays, February 4 – March 10 (six weeks)
4:15 – 5:30 pm
When a waterman talks about the seasons, he is not referring to the four seasons. He is referencing the presence of a resource in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Many of these seasons are defined by openingsand closures set by the State of Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources. The seasons of the watermen include crabbing, fishing for white and yellow perch, rockfish, and oystering, among others. Each class will be about a different resource, the tools, the weather, the empirical hands-on knowledge of the watermen and the regulations they have to work with in order to try and
make a living. Images captured by Marc during his 20 years of working alongside watermen will be used, and at some classes a waterman will be present to add to the discussion and answer questions. There will also be a resource director from the DNR at one class to discuss the pertinent regulations and issues. There are too many “myth-perceptions” about this way of life; many of these purposeful misrepresentations are used by special interest groups. This aspect of the struggle for watermen is usually invisible and will be a subject for broader discussion.