Academy of Lifelong Learning

Ethical Issues in Research - Session 1

Colleen Sundstrom
Mondays, February 1 – February 29 (five weeks)
4:15 – 5:30 pm
Moderated Discussion
*This course is limited to 20 participants.
This class is a follow-on to last year’s class, but that class is not a prerequisite for this class. This course will be a general overview of the ethical principles underlying research. The first session will be an introductory lecture about the history of research, the establishment of ethical guidance governing research and the practical application of those guidelines. Subsequent classes will consist of class discussion focusing on specific issues using case studies. The topics will not be the same as last year, nor will they specifically focus on research with human subjects. Proposed topics are research funding, drug development, and interpretation of research findings. We will attempt to address issues that crop up in the news. Short readings will be assigned and discussed in the class.