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Geographic Information Systems

Joshua Samuels

Class of 2019


Josh is currently a junior at Washington College where he is a dual major in Psychology and Biology with a concentration in neuroscience.This is his 2nd year working in the lab. He is interested in how drugs/chemicals and society influence the human brain and then how human behavior is impacted as a result. Josh also conducted research with Washington College staff on Felonegativity. Josh is interested in the psychology behind aggression/violence, group influence and forensic psychology. He is from Allentown, New Jersey where he attended Allentown High school. At Washington College, Josh is a part of the Men’s Soccer team and Men’s Swim team. He has conducted neuroscience research alongside Washington College Staff. He plans to go on and work for the CDC or the WHO. Josh has worked with Earth Data and on the GOCCP grant for the lab. Currently, he works on the Vehicle Theft Prevention grant.