Marilyn Wellington

Class of 2000
Major/Minor: Business Management

My time being part of Alpha Omicron Pi taught me countless lessons of leadership, finance, and managing groups of people.

How has your liberal arts education influenced you? How do you apply your LAE in your current career?

My liberal arts education continues to serve me every day. I have to say that attending Washington College was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. My first stop after college was as an intern in New York for a public relations firm. My major in Business Management helped me navigate projects, meetings, and, most importantly, business writing. After New York, I worked at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health for 3 years and again used my liberal arts degree for business writing, tracking budgets using excel, and being part of team meetings. As a side note - I heard about my job in the Communications department from a WAC alum. During my time at Hopkins, I got my first masters, an MAT, in teaching at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. You wouldn’t believe how many of my Washington College Credits easily transferred to qualify for this program. That’s one of the beauties of the liberal arts education – there are so many applications and relationships to more specialized areas of study. After leaving Hopkins I taught in the Baltimore County Public Schools for several years as first a second grade teacher, and then as a media specialist. I also became certified by the Yoga Alliance through Charm City Yoga. My religion classes with Dr. Kevin Brian came into play as we read the Bhagavad Gita and compared this to other religions. In 2013, I married the man of my dreams who just happened to be in the military. The Coast Guard relocated us to Port Arthur, Texas. I currently teach 1st and 2nd grade Language Arts. My love of literature is now being passed on to the students here at my school and I am able to apply writing skills, leadership skills, and communication skills because of my Speech class way back when with Dr. Jason Rubin. Washington College continues to influence my life in so many positive ways. I am forever blessed to have had the privileged to attend WAC.

Who was your favorite faculty member? Story?

I can’t even name all of the professors that impacted me. I fell in love with Art History because of Donald McColl. He teaches us so much about art and makes in meaningful. I loved my time with Dr. Scout and Dr. Darazsdi. Dr. Wagner helped to grow my love of the great state of Maryland and I love all of the stories and biographies we read in her class.

What is your favorite Washington College memory?

My favorite memories are with my friends at the library, walking the breathtaking campus, and on the Chester River. I have so many memories with two of my closest friends, Jill Cowperthwait and Allison Tuttle. My time being part of Alpha Omicron Pi taught me countless lesson of leadership, finance, and managing groups of people.

Did your Senior Capstone Experience have a major influence on your future career or your personal growth? If so, please explain what your SCE entailed and how it influenced who or where you are today. 

My senior year thesis compared Barnes and Noble and Borders Books. I learned so much about writing, business practices, and management during this process. 

Campus Involvement
  • Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Hands Out Community Service
Graduate School:
  • Masters in Teaching (College of Notre Dame of MD)
  • Masters in Library Science (Towson University)