Justin Yerkie

Class of 2019
Major/Minor: Physics and Mathematics

Campus Involvement

Central Services attendant, Physics Tutor, Resident Assistant

Habitat for Humanity, Rotaract, Phi Beta Kappa

Hometown / High School: Rock Hall, MD / Kent County High School


I am the current President of our campus Habitat for Humanity club for the 2018-2019 school year. I help to plan our break trips, work days, and fundraising events throughout the school year, and work to ensure that the club runs smoothly. I got involved with Habitat for Humanity my first semester Freshman year. I had heard about the mission of Habitat in high school, and as soon as I went on my first trip (Winter 2016) I have not looked back. I love knowing that our work here is helping families in the area, and also around the world. 


Favorite Habitat quote/motto?

“The idea of volunteerism, when we actually do some work side-by-side with people in need, has been put in the forefront of people’s consciousness through Habitat” -President Jimmy Carter


Why do you Habitat? 

I work with Habitat because of the importance of the cause we serve, affordable housing is a necessity and that need must be filled. Secondly the people that you meet while working with Habitat are some of the most kindhearted and hardworking folks I know.