Hannah Foster

Class of 2019
Major/Minor: International Studiesand Anthropology / Asian Studies and Ethnomusicology Minor

Campus Involvement
  • Admissions Blogger
  • Phonathon Caller
  • Study Abroad: The Cuba Experience January 2016, Tanzania Seminar May 2016
  • Writing Center Tutor
  • International Student Guide
  • Campus Christian Fellowship
  • Presidential Fellow

Q & A


High School: Brewster High School

Hometown: Brewster, New York

Recommended Class: Chinese!

 What do you do for a campus job or work study?

I work for Phonathon, which calls parents, alumni, and friends of Washington College to encourage gifts to The Washington Fund and maintain connections. For Admissions, I work as a blogger to write about my time at WAC to prospective students. Finally, I work as a tutor in The Writing Center where I help students from all majors and years to improve as writers. 

How do you unwind?

Going for walks is great, whether it be around campus or in Chestertown. The waterfront is beautiful and I enjoy taking my journal or camera down there. I also enjoy going to the gym, hanging out in my dorm with friends, and practicing my instrument in Gibson. 

Why did you choose your major?

I spent my sophomore year of high school as an exchange student in Malaysia, which opened my eyes to different cultures and the experience of living abroad. Since then, I have kept traveling, and in my first year have already been abroad to Cuba and Tanzania. International Studies and Anthropology complement each other very well, and explain the global system both culturally and politically. 

What’s your favorite place on campus? 

I love sitting by the body George statue on the green at night– it’s really peaceful and you can sometimes see the stars.