Courtney Vicisko

Class of 2019
Major/Minor: Biology, French

Campus Involvement

Secretary of WAC’s Habitat for Humanity Club

Secretary of WAC’s Caring for Kids Club

Course Mentor for Honors General Chemistry

I am the Secretary of WAC’s Habitat for Humanity club for the 2016-17 school year. I communicate everything with our club members, so they have plenty of opportunities to get involved with our club’s workdays and events! I got involved with Habitat for Humanity my first semester Freshman year. I’ve always been interested in the organization, but could never find opportunities to work with it in my hometown. I met Maria, our wonderful adviser, during the Into the Streets Pre-Orientation Program, and she convinced me to take a shot at it. Spring Break 2016 sealed the deal for me, since I met so many new people that are now more like family and got the chance to do something to help a family in need. I love how universal Habitat is - whether you’re working locally, in another state, or halfway across the globe, their mission is always the same: to give affordable housing to those who need it. This mission, and the fact that I’ve met so many great people in a little under two years here, is the reason I do Habitat!