Alexandra Clarke

Class of 2019
Major/Minor: Psychology Clinical Counseling


Hometown: Oxfordshire, England 


Education: Ione attended school in her town of Thame in England up till 10th grade. In 11th grade she attended an international boarding program in Charlottesville, Virginia for her last two years of high school. 


What experience has had the biggest impact in your life? 

Leaving home and attending a boarding program for two years has had the biggest impact on my life. I was able to learn so much from being emerged in the many different cultures of my dorm that I have made a whole new family in the US. The chance to leave my home and reach outside my comfort zone was incredibly difficult but substantially rewarding. I grew so much within myself. I was fortunate enough to travel with my two roommates from China to amazing places such as Iceland, and Puerto Rico and learn so much about their culture and the other cultures around us. They both taught me so much about the world and to appreciate the differences in everyone. We celebrated many holidays and traditions of all the international students through food, speeches, and activities. I then continued working for the boarding program after I graduated by becoming a worker in their ELL summer camp. Being involved in the ELL summer camp has just been a continuation of my incredible two years their. I learnt so much within the three short weeks of camp and made huge connections around the world. I undoubtably believe that being involved in my boarding program and continuing to work for the ELL camp is the number one reason I have continued my education in America. 


I spent my junior fall semester studying abroad at Leiden University in the Netherlands. This experience was another significant and transformative experience at Washington College. I chose to take courses outside my discipline while I was in the Netherlands and instead complete my Humanities distribution credits by taking philosophy courses. Not only was it rewarding to stretch my intellectual muscles by taking courses beyond my specialty, it was especially challenging to learn the Dutch academic system. However, studying abroad also permitted me to travel throughout Europe, including trips to Poland, Belgium, and Grenoble, France. This was an unforgettable experience that I am extremely grateful for and will cherish forever.


Favorite thing about WAC?

Definitely the faculty on campus. Not only is it a huge advantage having such a small campus because it allows you to connect with faculty and ask for help. They are also incredible people who as so willing to go above and beyond their class lectures. I have had so many opportunities to just sit in my advisors and the faculty of my first year class’ offices and just discuss the material, ask further questions, find interest and passions in my major, and talk about life in general. 


Favorite Place to be? 

The Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park. 


Favorite Food? 

Salmon and avocados

Campus Involvement
  • International Student Orientation Guide (ISG)
  • Wellness Educator 
  • Service Counsel
  • Student Assistant in the Office of Student Affairs