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“Town-Gown Trash Efforts Smashing Success”

June 29, 2016
The Student Government’s partnership with the Mayor and retired Congressman Wayne Gilchrest gained praise from local media outlets.

From the Chestertown Spy:

“At least 100 conservation-minded WC students, community leaders and area residents showed up to help clean up the Wayne Gilchrest Trail—and yes he was there—and Morgnec Road last weekend.

“This was an awesome example of a successful Town-Gown collaboration, resulting in over 25 industrial-size bags of trash being collected,” said Town Mayor Chris Cerino.

Much the event’s success was made possible by Washington College SGA President Taylor Frey, who last month presented a list of ideas that would help strengthen the bridge between the college and the community. The council welcomed Frey’s reaching out and looked forward to working with him in the future.

“We feel like we’ve entered a new kind of enthusiasm with this partnership and are in awe of the students who showed up pitch-in,” Cerino said. “I was blown away by the sheer numbers.”

Read More: http://chestertownspy.org/2015/11/18/town-gown-trash-efforts-smashing-success/


From the Kent County News:

A cleanup of the Gilchrest Rail Trail drew 180 volunteers, including Washington College students and other community members, Sunday, Nov. 15.

Taylor Frey, Student Government Association president at the college, said the turnout included sports teams, Greek organizations, alumni, faculty and staff as well as individual students who wanted to take part in a community service project. There were also Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and other residents with no particular tie to the college. The sunny, mild weather undoubtedly contributed to the unexpectedly large turnout, Frey said.

Chestertown Mayor Chris Cerino said the project arose out of a conversation he recently had with Frey over lunch. He said Frey was looking for a way to engage students in the community, and a trail cleanup seemed a natural way to accomplish that goal.

Coffee and snacks were available for the volunteers, who assembled in the Dixon Valve & Coupling parking lot near the trail.

When former congressman Wayne Gilchrest, for whom the trail is named, arrived shortly after 1 p.m., Frey called the group to order. He said the project would involve picking up trash along the whole length of the trail. After that task was completed, the volunteers turned to the section of Morgnec Road between the portion of the trail that goes through the college campus and Washington Avenue, he said. The student government has adopted that stretch of the road to keep it clean, Frey said.

Audrey Utchen, secretary of service and community relations for the student government, divided the volunteers into three groups and assigned each to a particular section of the trail. Groups were given plastic trash bags and gloves — the latter were in short supply, because the number of volunteers far exceeded expectations.

The students then set off on the three branches of the trail: through campus, along the former railroad cut; downtown toward the river; and parallel to High Street, toward the roundabout. They did a thorough job, scouring both sides of the trail for debris and climbing the banks to retrieve trash.

The cleanup netted 25 industrial-sized bags of trash, Cerino said in an email, Monday. “This was an awesome example of a successful Town-Gown collaboration,” he wrote


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