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The World is her Workplace

  • Alex Levy ’15 is the study aboard coordinator in the College's Global Education Office.
    Alex Levy ’15 is the study aboard coordinator in the College's Global Education Office.
October 03, 2017
After studying abroad in England and graduating with a degree in history, Alex Levy ’15 stayed around to help other Washington College students enjoy the same kind of experiences she loved.

Alex Levy has made the world her home within the contexts of her personal and professional lives. After graduating from Washington College in the spring of 2015, Alex began her career at her alma mater as the study abroad coordinator. “I was ready to graduate but I wasn’t ready to leave,” she explains. “I liked having my first full-time job being somewhere where I was already super comfortable.”

Like many Washington College students, Alex studied abroad, which served as a life-changing experience and a catalyst for her career. As the study abroad coordinator, Alex works with students and universities around the world to ensure that each international experience for Washington College students is a success. “I think it is so important in cultivating citizens of the world. The whole idea of liberal arts is to give students a well-rounded view of what their education can do for them, and then send them off to do good for the world around them.”

Alex has found her joy at Washington College in her post-graduate life, working closely with students to ensure the success of their travels. “Happiness is such a hard thing to quantify, but I think the fact that everyone is trying to do their best is really all that you can ask for.”


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