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The Inaugural Issue Goes to Print!

Date: January 26, 2015
After a lot of hard work, our very first issue is headed to print. Get a sneak peek at the cover and specially selected excerpts from the issue!

We have finally completed all layout, design, and editing work for the inaugural issue of Cherry Tree: A National Literary Journal @ Washington College. After weeks of painstaking proofreading, we think the text is practically perfect (in every way, as Mary Poppins would say). And like Mary Poppins, the simple but stunning cover we’re unveiling today says a lot with such a very little. It is an image we all know well, but we hope that altering it slightly and making it larger than life on the front of this issue makes it new again and worth paying attention to. George will be making appearances throughout the issues to come as well, but with a difference. We do love him so.

And you can now read a small sampling of select poems by Leslie Harrison, Bruce Snider, and Jericho Brown; a fiction excerpt from Stephanie Dickinson’s short story; and a brief creative nonfiction essay by Anna Journey over at our “Work We Love” page under the Submissions tab! Get a taste for the upcoming issue and then order a subscription to read the entire fantastic journal. Subscription prices are still $14 for a year (one issue) and $25 for two years (two issues). The final printed beauty will be available beginning February 15!


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